About ETTC


European Truck & Trailer Care is the trade name of Truck & Trailer Service Holten B.V. The company was founded in 1993 with its workplace in Holten. Besides the workplace this establishment has been expanded with two profit centres in Holten: ETTC Cleaning (truck wash) and ETTC Bodywork (damage repair and completion). Since 2006 ETTC also resides in Duiven. From these two establishments we can be of service to you in Eastern and Central Holland.

Company structure

European Truck & Trailer Care is part of Transgroep A. Muller. This transport group consists of four operating companies;

  • Müller Fresh Food Logistics has specialised in logistics services of foodstuffs under controlled circumstances. In addition to the distribution of cooled and frozen foods, MFFL offers options for cold storage, packing management and crate cleaning.

As of 1 March 2015 Müller Fresh Food Logistics has taken over the deep freeze warehouse and transport activities of PostKogeko in Roelofarendsveen.

For more information, visit our website: www.muller.nl

  • European Truck & Trailer Care provides “Full Service” repairs and maintenance aiming at minimum immobility and minimum costs. ETTC is located in Holten and Duiven.
  • Müller Fresh Food Logistics s.r.o. is located in the Cheb in the Czech Republic and is responsible for an important part of our international network With this establishment MFFL can be sharp and competitive in the field of Full Truck Loads throughout Europe.


ETTC is a workplace for the repair and maintenance of your truck, trailer, tailgate, tyres, cooling engine and all other parts. Everything from front to rear bumper. The Full Service Company.


With its full service, ETTC wants to become a strong partner for your company. With its Network of European Truck Care (ETC) it can be of service to you throughout Europa, unburdening you in the case of calamities. Visit the website: www.europeantrailercare.com


ETTC attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility. Like its sister company Müller Fresh Food Logistics, it supports several good causes. ETTC also aims at creating a good social character for all its employees. This is achieved through short lines of communication and personal contacts. Our (service) mechanics are trained yearly in the latest developments in maintenance and repair of trucks, semitrailers, tailgates, cooling engines, tyres and working safely along the roads. ETTC also offers its employees various training options. With its Durable Repair certificate ETTC shows its great commitment to durability. Durability is a careful use of raw materials, saving energy, provide durably employable employees, preventing waste and stimulating reuse of parts and the like.


ETTC has a soft spot for sports. By sponsoring local sports clubs ETTC stimulates its employees to do sports and relax regularly outside their work. In addition to the sponsorship of the Holten Horse Event and other clubs in and around Holten, ETTC sponsors Holten’s largest event each year: the Holten triathlon. We use this sponsorship to invest in the relationship with our customers, in addition to relaxation.