Durable repairs

We are very proud that we, in close cooperation with the ETC association, were the first workplace in the Netherlands to gain the Durable Repair certificate. Durable Repair is not a new ‘green hype’. It is a standard in the field of durability, with which both client and contractor can profile themselves. It is supported by the lease companies, government, local authorities, province, fleet owners, insurers, ANWB and consumers. In other words: our customers. Through the College of Experts, a good representation of these parties determine the content of the Set of Requirements.

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More and more of our customers embrace Durable Repair. For this reason, you see it more and more often as a wish or demand in auctions and tenders. In addition, the certification has been included in the Green Deals, including Zero Emission by the government. The standard has been set!

Durable Repair is not some vague green thing. In fact, it is a form of ‘good entrepreneurship’. Durability is using raw materials carefully, saving energy, providing durably employable employees, preventing waste and stimulating reuse of parts and the like. Durable Repair gives us handles to decide how we can best arrange this and how we should pay attention to gain and keep the certificate. Very practical and pragmatic, drawn up by clients/customers and formulated in the Set of Requirements. Durable Repair not only contributes to a better environment and society. It also contributes to cost containment and customer loyalty.

Large network with reliable partners

European Truck & Trailer Care is certified and connected to the ETC network. Through this network we maintain partnerships and long-term relationships with our partners.

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