On Ondernemersweg 6 in Holten you will find our workplace, specialised in bodywork and the final phase of the construction of newly delivered vehicles, such as the mounting of tailgates, stainless steel sheet metal, storage chests, loading material and dunnage, etc.

Sliding Cool Wall

ETTC Bodywork is the developer and supplier of a new, ingenious system allowing a highly flexible partition of the loading space. As a result, the use of the trailer in question will become a lot easier for planners.

Partition walls in trailers are by no means a new concept. But the walls as we know them are perpendicular to the travel direction and in many cases can be shifted forward and backward slightly. ETTC has conceived a system with three compartments with flexible content. A long wall with a standard thickness of 40mm runs from the front to the back, parallel to the side walls. The wall runs exactly across the middle of the loading floor. On the right hand side, relative to the travel direction, a traditional partition wall is installed: perpendicular to the travel direction and with the option of shifting it steplessly along the ceiling. The trailers have a standard internal loading height of 2.70 metres.

What is new about this invention is that the long wall across the length, in four parts of three metres each, can be shifted against the left side wall. So this wall runs across the length and can be shifted crosswise in parts. This allow the creation of a highly flexible loading space with a freezer compartment and a cooling compartment. Even a third loading space is available for, for instance, dry packaging.

The system creates an extra weight of less than 600 kg and can be installed in any brand of cooling trailer, in any shape the client desires.

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