Repair Management System


Our care and service go beyond full service repair, maintenance and damage handling. As a customer of ETTC you can get access to our Repair Management System. This is a real-time web-based communication programme to post your vehicle for repair or maintenance. The RMS is a platform where coordination, planning, management and communication between your transport planners and our workplace reception can take place optimally.

Periodical inspections such as APK, CFK/STEK, LPK tachograph and maintenance intervals are recorded here as well. On the basis of this, arrivals of your vehicles can be planned and reported to one of our workplaces. In addition, you will get an insight into the costs and availability of your vehicle fleet and the accumulated workplace history, standardised duration and experience in repairs and maintenance over the past years; we can give you a good estimate of the time and costs involved upon reported arrival.

All this makes the RMS into a convenient planning and communication tool for the transport planners, generating valuable information for management and vehicle fleet managers as well.


We will gladly visit you for a demonstration and an introductory meeting. You can contact ETTC’s Planning & Control Department on +31(0)548-855558 or by email:

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