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About Us! Müller ETTC – the full-service solution for your fleet. You can turn to us for the repair and maintenance of your truck, trailer, refrigeration unit, tailgate, tires, and all other components. From front to rear bumper!

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Müller ETTC – Driven to be different.

In 1993, Müller European Truck & Trailer Care began as a small company in the truck and trailer maintenance sector. It quickly grew to become a significant player in the industry. Over the years, Müller ETTC has focused on providing the best possible service to its customers. With unparalleled expertise and extensive knowledge of trucks and trailers, they have become a reliable partner for transport companies across Europe.

In 2020, a significant milestone was reached when Müller ETTC opened a new facility at Handelsweg 30. This new construction allows the company to provide even better service to its customers and utilize the latest technologies for optimal vehicle maintenance and repair.

In early 2023, Jan Peter Müller (CEO of Müller Fresh Food Logistics) and Anton Müller (Technical Director of Müller Fresh Food Logistics and CEO of Müller ETTC) took a significant step. Müller Fresh Food Logistics was acquired by Dachser, allowing Müller ETTC to operate independently from 2023 onwards, separate from Müller Fresh Food Logistics/Dachser. This acquisition provided Müller ETTC with the opportunity to fully focus on delivering high-quality service to customers in the truck and trailer industry, while Dachser focuses on logistics services. This change marks a new era for Müller ETTC.

Müller European Truck & Trailer Care has proven itself as one of the most knowledgeable and reliable players in the truck and trailer maintenance sector, thanks to its ongoing commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. With a long history of excellence and innovation, Müller ETTC continues to evolve and improve to provide its customers with the best possible service. As an independent company, Müller ETTC can now fully concentrate on its core activities and expand its expertise in truck and trailer maintenance.

01 Müller European Truck & Trailer Care provides ‘full-service’ repair and maintenance with the aim of minimal downtime and minimal costs. Müller ETTC practices CSR and has the Green Done certificate!

02 From minor dents to complete restoration: we offer professional bodywork and damage repair for your trucks & trailers.

03 Müller European Truck & Trailer Care is certified and part of the ETC network. Through this network, we maintain collaborations and sustainable relationships with our partners.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be your partner in keeping your fleet safe and efficient. Through professional repairs, maintenance, and service, we aim to extend the lifespan of your vehicles and minimize downtime, allowing you to focus on your core activities.

Our Vision

At Müller ETTC, we aim for maximum fleet availability, minimal downtime, and sustainable solutions. Our high-quality service and close collaboration ensure long-lasting partnerships with customers and suppliers, where we exceed expectations.

ETC Benelux

European Trailer Care is a successful collaboration between independent trailer repair companies in Europe. By working together, European Trailer Care provides fleet owners with optimal service throughout Europe. We work closely with all trailer and component manufacturers to ensure we can guarantee the right price and short lead times. Through our own training programs, we maintain a high level of quality.

Repair ManagementSystem

With our Repair Management System (RMS), we offer our customers an advanced solution for fleet management and maintenance. This real-time web-based communication program is the ideal way to schedule your vehicles for repair or maintenance.

The RMS provides comprehensive planning and coordination between your transport planners and our workshop reception, keeping you informed of your vehicle’s status at all times. All necessary work, including periodic checks such as MOT, CFK, LPK tachograph, and maintenance intervals, is recorded. Based on this information, your vehicle entries can be scheduled and registered at one of our workshops. Furthermore, our RMS offers insights into the costs, availability, and workshop history of your fleet. Using our standard times and years of experience, we provide an accurate estimate of timing and costs for repairs and maintenance. In short, with our RMS, we ensure optimal fleet management and maintenance, allowing you to hit the road safely and reliably.

Want More Information About Our RMS?

Would you like more information about our Repair Management System and are you interested in a demonstration on-site? Please don’t hesitate to contact us or send an email directly. We aim to get in touch with you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.

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A Full-Service Companyfor Trucks & Trailers

Müller ETTC, the full-service solution for your fleet. You can turn to us for the repair and maintenance of your truck, trailer, refrigeration unit, tailgate, tires, and all other components.

Müller ETTC Rental


Rent various types of trailers from us for short or long periods. Flexibility and quality guaranteed. Contact us for more information.

Truck service

Truck service

Truck service is a service focused on the maintenance, repair, and inspections of trucks to ensure safety and performance.

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Refrigeration Units

We offer CFK/STEK inspections, temperature verifications, data analysis, FRC inspections, repairs, and maintenance for Carrier Transicold and other brands of refrigeration units.

Trailer service

Trailer service

At Müller ETTC, we provide repair, maintenance, and damage repair for all types of trailers. With our certifications and modern equipment, we can get you back on the road quickly.

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We offer repair and maintenance services for all types of tailgates to ensure their safe and reliable operation.

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Other Services

Müller ETTC has a mobile workshop and offers 24/7 breakdown assistance and pickup and delivery service. With an efficient repair management system, problems are resolved quickly.