Tires & Rims

We offer a comprehensive service for the tires and rims of your trailers, including replacement, alignment, and repairs to ensure your safety on the road.

Banden & velgen

Interested in our tire and rim service?

Müller European Truck & Trailer Care provides a complete tire service for transport entrepreneurs looking for fuel and cost savings. The company offers collaborations with various partners for high-quality commercial vehicle tires at competitive prices. In addition to tire mounting and dismounting, the company also provides balancing, pressure checks, and alignment for fleets. Maintaining the tires and rims of trailers is essential for efficiency, safety, and lifespan. Müller ETTC offers an extensive selection of well-known tire and rim brands. Experienced technicians ensure that trailer tires and rims remain in top condition, ensuring they operate safely and efficiently. The company provides customers with personalized and appropriate advice.

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Müller ETTC, the full-service solution for your fleet. You can come to us for repairs and maintenance for your truck, trailer, refrigeration unit, tail lift, tires, and all other components.

Keuringen Trailer Service


We offer MOT, LPK, and CFK inspections for trailers. Schedule an appointment and have your trailer expertly inspected by our certified specialists.

Carrosserie & schadeherstel Trailer Service

Bodywork &amp: Damage Repair

From minor dents to full restoration, we provide professional bodywork and damage repair services for your trailers. This keeps your fleet safe and presentable on the road.



Rent various types of trailers from us for short or extended periods. Flexibility and quality guaranteed. Contact us for more information.